ProForma Process Templates


Every business process deserves a well-designed system. There’s software for handling the big things, but small processes can end up taking disproportionate amounts of time and energy. 

We’ve created ProForma Forms and Templates for Jira  so business teams can collect exactly the information they need, and act on it, all in one place. ProForma empowers teams to create, deploy and manage online forms, backed by a workflow.  The forms and templates on this site are open source and can be used by anyone under a Creative Commons license. However, teams will enjoy more benefits if they install ProForma for Jira

The founders of ThinkTilt spent years working together on an enterprise, SAAS solution for a niche business need. After observing that many users were employing the system to address more general business processes, the team decided to create ThinkTilt with a mission to create simple, yet powerful business process tools.


For expenses, invoices, budgets, project proposals and other finance processes


For staffing, compliance, training, travel, leave and other HR processes


For bug reports, test results, license requests and other technology processes

For contract reviews, incident reporting, consultations and other legal processes


For content approval, events, collateral requests and other marketing processes


For room bookings, maintenance requests and other infrastructure & operations processes


For supplier reference checks, purchases, quotations and other procurement processes

Project Management

For documenting your business case, change management, and other project management processes

Risk Management

For workplace inspections, hazards, licenses and other risk management processes