Finance Process Templates

Your organization probably has systems for handling accounts payable and receivable, but what about small processes like mileage claims and internal purchases? Many common finance processes can be easily managed within Jira Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates. All templates can be found within the Template Library of the ProForma add-on for Jira, which you can try for free for 30 days.

Process: Bank details for electronic payments

Record bank details of a supplier for the set up of electronic payments.

Process: Check transfer from individual to organization

Allow a check that was made out to an individual to be signed over to the organization. This transfers the check rights so that monies can be allocated to the organization's account as indicated.

Process: Financial incident

Record and respond to incident reports to make corrective actions and improve compliance.

Process: Internal purchase requisition

Manage internal purchases (from one Business Team to another).

Process: Motor vehicle allowance claim

Manage and respond to vehicle allowance claims (mileage reimbursement). Enables employees to request an allowance with appropriate documentation and approvals in place.

Process: Office supply account

Manage additions or amendments to the list of employees who are authorized to order supplies on the organization's office supply account.

Process: Overseas payment request

Manage and respond to requests for special payment transactions such as payments by wire transfer for an overseas supplier.

Process: Petty cash float

Manage and respond to requests for the creation of a new petty cash float, ensuring that petty cash is correctly monitored is and accounted for.

Process: Petty cash reimbursement

Manage and respond to employee requests for reimbursement of eligible expenses (documented by receipt).

Process: Private vehicle use

Manage and respond to employee requests to use their private vehicles for work-related travel. Request must be approved prior to traveling. Appropriate declarations such as vehicle registration, etc. are required.

Process: User account

Manage and respond to requests to add, change access levels or disable accounts for use of the organization's finance system(s).

What is a ProForma process template?

ThinkTilt has created process and form templates for the ProForma Jira add-on, so you can quickly and easily bring business processes into Jira. A Process Template combines several elements:

  • request type* that allows your customers to find the form they need on the Jira Service Desk customer portal
  • portal form* which can be completed from the portal to collect all of the information needed from the customer
  • Any associated internal forms which the team receiving the requests needs in order to complete the process
  • The associated workflow which ensures that all steps (for example, approval by a supervisor) in the process are carried out

This template library includes the templates for dozens of common business processes. You are free to use and customise the forms in any way necessary.

To use these templates in Jira, a world class request management system, simply install the ProForma add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace.

These process and forms templates are available through the ProForma forms
add-on for JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.