Want to ensure that everyone is using the most up-to-date non-disclosure agreement, or that appropriate channels are followed for requesting the legal review of a document? Many common legal processes can be easily managed within Jira Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates. All templates can be found within the Template Library of the ProForma add-on for Jira, which you can try for free for 30 days.

Process: Artwork or logo for mechandising

Manage and respond to requests to use the organization's artwork (such as the logo) for merchandising purposes.

Process: Contract review

Manage and respond to requests for a legal review of a pending contract. The contract to be reviewed is either yet to be signed, or an amendment to existing contract.

Process: Data breach notification

Document instances of a data breach including a description of the breach and actions taken towards remedy and restitution. There may be a legal obligation to report breaches to external agencies.

Process: Declaration of business interests

Document formal declarations of a stakeholder's business interests.

Process: Declaration of no conflict of interest

Document that stakeholders have no real or perceived conflicts of interest, based on the understanding of the principles of conflicts of interest disclosure.

Process: Document sealing

Manage and respond to requests for a seal to be affixed to a legal document.

Process: Insurance indemnity change

Manage and respond to requests to change insurance indemnity provisions of a supplier due to a change to the supply arrangement.

Process: Legal advice

Manage and respond to requests for legal advice.

Process: Non-disclosure agreement

Manage and respond to requests to develop non-disclosure agreements.

Process: Permission to release information

Document an individual's consent allowing the organization to release selected pieces of information.

Process: Public Information

Manage and respond to requests for public information which can be legally released. Certain types of public records may be released in the interest of transparency whilst protecting the privacy rights of customers and employees.

Process: University records access

Manage and respond to requests to access a University's information about an individual, such as a potential employees grades, references, etc.

Process: Unlawful use of personal information notification

Record notifications of unlawful use of personal information.

These process and forms templates are available through the ProForma forms
add-on for JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.