Marketing Process Templates

Need help keeping everyone on brand? Many common marketing processes can be easily managed within Jira Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates. All templates can be found within the Template Library of the ProForma add-on for Jira, which you can try for free for 30 days.

Process: Add an event to events calendar

Manage and respond to requests to add an event to the events calendar. Allows employees or members of the public to submit general event information for inclusion in the organization-wide calendar.

Process: Advertising requisition

Manage and respond to requests for the purchase of promotional advertising as overseen by Marketing.

Process: Communication support

Manage and respond to requests for communication support from Marketing. There is a separate process for media advertising requests.

Process: Content creation

Manage and respond to requests for the creation of new content or materials such as marketing brochures, etc.

Process: Event permit request

Manage and respond to requests for to use the organization's space for an event.

Process: Event run sheet

Create an event run sheet to track preparations and ensure events run smoothly.

Process: Events debrief

Record results, feedback and suggestions after conducting an event.

Process: Image request

Manage and respond to requests for images from the photograph archive to ensure suitable images are used for marketing purposes.

Process: Logo use for promotional purposes

Manage and respond to requests by employees or partner organizations to use the organization's logo.

Process: Marketing assistance

Manage and respond to requests for marketing assistance and promotional support. (Separate processes exist for the creation of webpage or newsletter content.)

Process: Marketing creative brief

Develop a creative marketing brief to collaborate with a Creative Agency on a new campaign.

Process: Media call brief

Inform key stakeholders of media call arrangements.

Process: Photo consent and release

Record consent and releases from individuals for use of their photographic images for publishing purposes. Images may not be used for marketing purposes without this authority.

Process: Sponsorship Request

Manage and respond to sponsorship requests from external parties.

Process: Website change

Manage and respond to requests to change content on the organization's website.

These process and forms templates are available through the ProForma forms
add-on for JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.