Operations Process Templates

From maintenance requests to catering, many common operations processes can be managed within Jira Service Desk using these ProForma form and process templates. All templates can be found within the Template Library of the ProForma add-on for Jira, which you can try for free for 30 days.

Process: Asset inspection

Manage and respond to requests for inspection of the organization's assets such as chairs, desks, etc., to ascertain their working condition.

Process: Audio-visual equipment request

Manage and respond to requests for audio visual equipment including standing order requests.

Process: Building access

Manage and respond to requests for keys or cards to access a restricted facility.

Process: Catering

Manage and respond to requests for catering at meetings or events; indicates delivery location, catering requirements and the expected number of attendees.

Process: Emergency warden nomination

Receive applications from employees who are willing to serve as emergency wardens.

Process: Employee suggestions

Record and manage employee's suggestions and ideas for improving the organization.

Process: Equipment disposal or relocation

Manage and respond to request for the removal and disposal, or relocation of equipment.

Process: Equipment request

Manage and respond to employee requests for equipment (such as mobile phones, tablets, vehicles, furnishings, etc.) needed for them do their job.

Process: First aid provider designation

Record the designation of qualified First Aid providers including supporting First Aid certification and work area details.

Process: Lockers

Manage and respond to employee requests for lockers to store personal items.

Process: Maintenance

Manage and respond to equipment or facility maintenance requests.

Process: Off-site equipment use

Manage and respond to employee requests to use the organization's equipment off-site.

Process: Operations Emergency warden audit monitoring

Maintain an accurate and up to date list of all emergency warden details.

Process: Printing (internal print room)

Manage and respond to requests for internal print jobs such as brochures, stationery, etc.

Process: Product review

Conduct a review of a product to determine if it is ready for release.

Process: Staff volunteers

Manage and respond to requests for staff volunteers for community work.

These process and forms templates are available through the ProForma forms
add-on for JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk.