Project Management

Project Management Templates

ThinkTilt has created forms and process templates for dozens of common HR processes. You are free to use these forms under a Creative Commons license. However, you will enjoy more benefits if you install ProForma for Jira

ProForma is...


An easy to use form builder that empowers teams to create, deploy and manage online forms in Jira. Using ProForma teams can:

  • Streamline their work by building repeated processes into an easy to use system
  • Say goodbye to long email chains, outdated forms and distracting phone calls in favor of an efficient way to collect the information they need
  • Collect exactly the data they need, formatted the way they need it, without requiring custom fields or configurations from IT
  • Easily manage, track and respond to requests

Jira is an industry-leading issue tracking system that lets teams

  • Design and use workflows that conform to their processes
  • Track any issue through a process, from opening to resolution
  • Easily connect to a knowledge base (policies, how to articles, etc.) so customers can help themselves
  • Analyze and report on important metrics such as number of issues, request types, time to resolution, etc.
  • Manage service requests with queues, SLAs, and built-in approvals using Jira Service Desk

Process: Business case

Document the business case for conducting the project.

Process: Change control

Manage and respond to requests to change an element of the project from what is currently planned.

Process: Highlight report

Document the highlights of what has been completed on a given project during the reporting period. Includes financial tracking.

Process: Milestone variation

Submit a variation to the estimated completion date of a deliverable including the reason for the delay and the affect the delay will have on the overall project.

Process: Project initiation

Completed a project initiation document to define the parameters of the proposed project including the person(s) responsible, the objectives, deliverables and criteria for measuring the success of the project.

Process: Project management checklists

Document that all necessary steps have been taken for each phase of the project.

Process: Project poster (Atlassian template)

Create a project poster to identify how you will approach the problem, define scope and articulate your plan to project sponsors.

Process: Project responsibilities

Define, assign and record responsibilities for each project task.

Process: Project team health monitor (Atlassian template)

Conduct a health monitor workshop based on the Atlassian health monitor for Project Teams.

Process: Risk analysis

Complete a risk analysis to identify and plan for any risks associated with the project.

Process: Stakeholder analysis

Define who should contribute to the project, where barriers might be, and the actions that need to be taken prior to detailed project planning.