Risk Management

Risk Management Process Templates

ThinkTilt has created forms and process templates for dozens of common HR processes. You are free to use these forms under a Creative Commons license. However, you will enjoy more benefits if you install ProForma for Jira

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An easy to use form builder that empowers teams to create, deploy and manage online forms in Jira. Using ProForma teams can:

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Jira is an industry-leading issue tracking system that lets teams

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  • Track any issue through a process, from opening to resolution
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  • Analyze and report on important metrics such as number of issues, request types, time to resolution, etc.
  • Manage service requests with queues, SLAs, and built-in approvals using Jira Service Desk

Process: Contractor safety management

Document that contractors are informed of and agree to comply with all onsite safety requirements.

Process: Disclosure of known medical condition

Record confidential disclosure by an employee of a known medical condition. This can be used in a first aid response plan in the event of an emergency.

Process: Emergency evacuation report

Record an emergency evacuation (including emergency drills), its outcomes and any corrective actions.

Process: Emergency warden audit monitoring

Maintain an accurate and up to date list of all emergency warden details.

Process: Emergency warden designation

Record the designation of emergency wardens, including qualifications and work area details.

Process: Emergency warden nomination

Receive applications from employees who are willing to serve as emergency wardens.

Process: Evacuation drill observer checklist

Record observations from emergency evacuation drills to assess whether building occupants are adequately prepared for emergency evacuation.

Process: First aid provider audit monitoring

Maintain an accurate and up to date list of employees with First Aid training and certification, including their work area details.

Process: First aid provider designation

Record the designation of qualified First Aid providers including supporting First Aid certification and work area details.

Process: Hazard report

Manage and respond to safety hazards reported by employees.

Process: Qualification and License record

Document employee's credentials to ensure they are suitably qualified to operate or supervise machinery.

Process: Risk Management Leadership team health monitor (Atlassian template)

Conduct a health monitor workshop based on the Atlassian health monitor for Leadership Teams.

Process: Risk Service team health monitor (Atlassian template)

Conduct a health monitor workshop based on the Atlassian health monitor for Service Teams.

Process: Site safety orientation

Conduct and record worksite safety orientations for employees and subcontractors. The orientation is to be conducted by the Site Supervisor and needs to be completed prior to the affected persons beginning work.

Process: Training record

Record attendance for a list of training participants. Creates documentation for ongoing education and compliance monitoring.

Process: Workplace inspection

Record workplace inspections to identify and address any hazards. The checklist can be customized for the specific workplace.